Our Area

Our geographical area is one of the most fascinating and important in the northern Ionian sea, wonderfully located by the sea. By directing your gaze southwards, you will become mesmerized by the pre-silane mountain spurs panorama. The location of our Agriturismo is just a 15-minute drive from the mountains. Trekking excursions to explore the area and long bike rides are available. It was a land to be conquered and the theater of epic battles. In 510 B.C., near the Trionto river, 100,000 warriors from Croton, led by the legendary Milo attacked 300,000 Sybarites who lost both the war and their extremely rich town. The magnificent Achaean Sybaris was never rebuilt. It is here, in this splendor of both history and nature, that Campo Antico Agriturismo stands.

One great source of pride of the town of Rossano is the presence of one of the oldest manuscripts of the New Testament preserved called:

The Codex Purpureus Rossanensis

The Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, which is a Greek manuscript gospel book of the sixth century that collects the Gospels of Matteo Luca and Marco in 188 sheets of very fine purple parchment. It is a priceless pearl for the town, and has been recognized by the UNESCO world heritage and included in the section "Memory of the World" since 2015. It is kept in the diocesan museum in Rossano. Made in a Byzantine scriptorium of the Eastern Roman Empire, it has a rich history still shrouded in fascination and mystery today.
The Amarelli liquorice,

Liquorice grows in several countries and, according to the authoritative Encyclopedia Britannica, the best liquorice quality grows in Calabria. The liquorice plants grow spontaneously along the coastline where both the natural soil and climate characteristics contribute to raising the content of glycyrrhizin, and glycoside determining the liquorice juice peculiarity. The liquorice juice extraction started in 1500. The Amarelli Barons also took it up devoting themselves to this activity ever since, expanding their business without altering the artisanal characteristics of the product. As a result, they are nearly the only heirs of a typical tradition in Calabria. The Amarelli offices are still located in an ancient family feudal style manor dating back to 1400. The Giorgio Amarelli museum can be found in a different wing of the said manor.